Sampling Procedure

After we receive you sample ( physical / image / sketch ), you will receive the estimate wholesale price in 2 - 3 days. We will know the true cost after we create the sample and you already approve it.

Sampling Fee

We charges 3 x estimate price per design. It's include pattern and we will give two times for revision. But if you change the design, we count it's for new style and we will charges you also 3 x estimate price per design. We also have ready design in our catalog and we charge 2 x wholesale price per design

If you need photo shot sample or sample in several sizes and color ,we will charge 1.5 x wholesale price per design

After you approve the sample and want to produce , we will give back the 1 x estimation price per design

Strike Offs

Strike offs are 30cm square pieces of fabric that we dye / sublimation print to your color / artwork print request.

Time Line

Sample normally take from 2 - 3 weeks, depend on your style and in stock fabric

Ready design sample from our catalog take only 3 days ( in stock fabric)


No sample MOQ.


We require 100% deposit.


Once you sample done, we will contact you for delivery options. Usually we use TNT for shipment courier, but you can also arrange with your shipment courier.