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We can do sample making from sketch or picture and actual shape to copy that you can give to us.

Sample Making Swimwear

Sample Making

Time line for sample making depend on the style of the sample and the fabric available. The more information that you provide, it will be increase the time line of sample faster. We charge sample twice production cost. And for revision, it’s twice revision maximum. So please give us information more detail about your sample.

First step to make sample are bring your sample to copy or picture. You can bring your fabric or we can choose in our place. What size you want to make the sample. Usually we make sample on size Small. But you can ask what size you want for your sample. Maybe the top of size Small and the bottom size Medium. All is up to you. What hardware you want, like use ring and slide or claps. But for sample we use local hardware first and we can order hardware that have high quality for production. You also can use local elastic or rubber for your sample.

Sample Making Vargare

For size chart, we usually use our standard size chart. But if you have custom size chart please give us when you make sample. After sample done, you can try for fitting. If need revision please give use the revision detail. Once again, please be sure about the revision. Our revision for sample is two time maximum.

On sample making you will get the prototype and pattern. We will grading the pattern if you want another size of sample or if you have approve the sample and want to start the production.

Making Sample Vargare

We will send the invoice of sample after it’s done and approve by customer. Shipping cost will be apply if you need us to send the sample to your place which meaning you outside of Bali.

If you ready to make the sample please visit us on Jalan Purba Indah I No 4, Denpasar, or by email us in . You can also Whats App us: +62 81933006711

Vargare Team