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Before we create your sample, we need to do pattern making. Our pattern maker will be make your pattern in paper by hand.

Draw Pattern Making

Pattern Making

We need to know the size chart of your sample before we create your pattern. If you do not have  size chart, we will use our own standard size. We can make pattern from sketch, picture or actual shape you give to us. From that information we start draw the pattern in the paper. After that our pattern maker will cut the pattern using scissor. We still create a pattern using hand not machine. But our pattern maker create pattern like a machine. 🙂

After pattern done, we know put your pattern on fabric and draw it on fabric. We cut the fabric and start to sewing.
If the sample approve or need another sample different size, we will grading the pattern as per request size. And make the specs sheet for your pattern. We also grading your pattern, if you already want to start the production. Our standard for grading pattern is 2 cm each side. Example if the length of size S is 32 so we add become 34 for size M. But if you have your own grading size, we will follow your grading size.

Pattern Making

Your pattern cost already include in sample price. Pattern will belong to customer and will not publish or copied to another customer. We make all our customer is private. So one customer cannot copy other customer pattern. Our customer can copied our own Vargare collection sample. We also have a sample collection that can customer choose for their collection.

You can bring your pattern if you don not want you pattern copied. Or you can come here to make sure your pattern will be not copied. But we guarantee your private pattern will be not copied.

If you already want to start working pattern with us please do not hesitate to contact us by email to or whats app /call +62 81933006711

Vargare Team